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Religious tribunals regulate the law of family and personal status in Kuwait. The legal system in Kuwaiti is based on Islamic law. In 1984, Kuwaiti Family Law Code was enacted which governs issues such as divorce, marriage, child custody and inheritance.

While in Kuwait there is no hard and fast rule or dress code as such, it is important to know how to dress while you are in a foreign country, as there are varying degrees of tolerance to clothing styles from all over the world.

Here are some short basic details regarding visas from Kuwait, where you can find answers to most of your common queries:

Kuwait is worth a tour, the tiny country bordering Iraq and Saudi Arabia, because there are plenty of things to do here, even if you are on a short break. Kuwait has many tourist attractions you'll love to visit. Kuwait City is also popular for shopping, museums, theme parks and historic sites.  In short, the Kuwait City, the largest urban area and the rich city in the Gulf region, is a combination of all modern day aspects with a more rugged and ordinary core.

Kuwait, renowned for its deeply conservative interpretations of Islam, gives tourists unique insights into the Arab world. Many tourists, however, wonder "is Kuwait a safe place? 'And the response to that is' yes, Kuwait is generally a safe place to travel to, as crime rates are fairly low, and it is highly unlikely that foreigners are targeted. However, there are certain matters that you need to consider when planning a travel to Kuwait.