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The people of Kuwait are not obliged to pay into any schemes which would qualify them for benefits if they needed financial assistance. The size of the country and the level of its wealth mean that it can afford to look after its citizens in times of trouble, although there are some funds that a worker can pay into to give themselves extra security and peace of mind.

Vegetarians and vegans in Kuwait might find that they are met with some confusion. However, just because eschewing animal products isn’t as common in Kuwait as in the UK or US, vegetarian expats moving there need not worry. Don’t let blank stares or questions about whether you get enough protein put you off.

It is not really usual for a Kuwaiti to keep a pet as they have long been considered to be unclean, although attitudes have altered recently. If you are taking your pet you need to ensure your accommodation is adequate for them to remain indoors for most of the time and it is essential to have the pet micro chipped.

Kuwait is an Islamic country which is becoming increasingly influenced by western traditions. The capital of the country is Kuwait City and it is becoming a lively city. The country is bordered by Iraq and Saudi Arabia and there are nine islands in the Persian Gulf which are controlled by Kuwait. The country is mostly desert though the areas around the coast consist of more fertile land. The climate is a hot one and temperatures are usually high.

The educational policy for the State of Kuwait aims to provide opportunities for all children. This includes children of all social classes and irrespective of any disability and special needs that they may have. The government is concerned that 80% of its revenue is earned from the oil industry, and that over 90% of its working nationals are employees of the public sector. They hope education may be the key to producing a skilled workforce in a diversified economy.