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In order to keep parents in the country, expatriates living in Kuwait will now have to pay up to KD 1,700 per year-the equivalent of $5,593.

Under new regulations, expats resident in the country must now pay KD 200 for the residence of the parent, and an extra 600 Kuwaiti Dinars to cover the cost of their medical insurance if their father or mother is aged 75 years or above.
Not only that, but a foreigner will also be required to pay KD 50 to the health ministry, which leaves the total amount for one parent at KD 850, or AED 10,285, per year.

So double that if you wish to have both parents in the country... It amounts to KD 1,700 in total.
If your parent(s) is aged 65 and below, the medical insurance cost reduces to KD 300 per parent.
The introduction of the new fees comes after Kuwaiti lawmakers have been pushing for imposing fees on foreigners as they've been receiving free health and medical services, at the expense of the state. Plus, it is believed that some individuals bring their families to Kuwait to be treated, which adds further pressure on the costs and services, Gulf News reported.

Why is this an issue?
Implementing fees and addressing the healthcare system in Kuwait is part of a wider issue of demographic imbalance in the country.
Over 3.1 million expatriates make up 70% of the total population of 4.4 million people. Kuwaitis make up for the remaining 30%.