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As with most countries these days, Kuwaitis prefer to use a mobile phone rather than a fixed landline. There are nearly five times as many mobile phones in operation than there are main lines installed in homes and these numbers are growing.

To have a fixed line installed is relatively cheap although most people now do not bother at all. There are international roaming agreements in place for mobile phone providers so using your phone from your home country should not be a problem but it will be costly. It is better to purchase a Kuwaiti mobile phone and sim card when you arrive and this will prove to be a more cost effective solution.

Pay phones are almost non existent in Kuwait, but it is possible to use phones in shops and restaurants and it is very rare that you will be charged for this.

There are a number of Internet Service Providers in operation in the country and it is relatively easy to have internet access installed in your home. Most people will use a broadband service but there are still some dial up connections in operation. If you choose not to have internet installed then you can make use of one of the many internet cafes which can be found in urban areas.

There are several basic television and radio stations which broadcast programmes mainly in Arabic. The occasional English programme can be seen but very rarely. It is possible to have satellite television or cable installed in your home to increase the number of channels available to you, in which case you will find many more English language programmes, usually shown with Arabic subtitles.

It is possible to listen to English language radio over the internet and many people do this as they are able to connect to digital broadcasts of their favourite radio stations from home.

The Kuwaiti post office offers a very reliable service and if you are sending mail abroad it can take around a week to arrive. The post office is open every day except Friday, although the actual opening hours will vary depending upon the location of the post office that you are using. If you are living in an area which is a little more remote you may find that your mail is not as reliable and in these cases it is worth opening a post office box. This is also easier if you receive bulky items through the post and are not home to receive them.