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Relocation to any destination has its disadvantages and advantages, and expats will find that Kuwait is no different. The better prepared a person is for the less appealing aspects of life abroad, the more successfully they’ll be able to adapt.

Here are some of the pros and cons of living in Kuwait. 

Are you considering living in Kuwait? You are about to make a great decision! Thousands of expats currently profiting from the country’s business opportunities are the living proof. We’ve got all the info on expat life in Kuwait, from healthcare to international schools for your kids.

slam has a massive influence on Kuwait’s culture and way of living, though Kuwaitis only represent one-third of the population.Huge investment has gone into education and healthcare, thanks to the revenues generated from oil.

Cheap gas prices make driving the main mode of transportation.


Kuwait has the sixth-largest oil reserves in the world. The exportation of oil and petroleum products has made it one of the richest countries in the world in per capita terms. With the substantial oil revenues, the government provides Kuwait’s citizens with extensive social welfare services, employment, and housing.

Its booming economy has made Kuwait a popular destination for migrant workers and expatriates. Currently, the Kuwaitis only make up about one-third of the total population. The other two-thirds consist of immigrant groups living in Kuwait from India, Egypt, Bangladesh, Syria, and many other countries. You’ll be joining a large, professional expat community.

1.    Follow Politics. Do not miss political intercourse in Kuwait. All political actors here have their special sense of humor, whether comical lies and promises by ministers, or stupid proposals by MPs. It gets even funnier when people take to the street to protest, you get women dancing, swearing at ministers, and all kinds of amusing slogans.

2.    Don't get involved in the Kuwait stock market. Do not let your life become dependent on colors, today green, tomorrow red. Rational economic and political order is missing in this country, which is reflected in the market. But let's face it, it's always fun to watch how people react to instantly making or losing money when it's not your money.

3.    You NEED (wasta) connections. You cannot enjoy your life in Kuwait without having wasta. You will certainly need to renew your driving license, get a job for your visiting younger brother, extend his visit if he cannot find a job; these simple procedures will turn into pure suffering if you do not know someone who can help facilitate the process.

4.    When June comes, get out as fast as possible. It's oven-hot, and there is neither water nor electricity, do not come back before September.:)

5.    If you do follow rule number four, do use best air lines

6.    Friendships? If you are a Kuwaiti, make friends with expats; if you are an expat, make friends with Kuwaitis. The interaction and exchange of views and insights are fun.

7.    Visit a diwaniya. At least once a week even if you don't like it, it's important. It's where you achieve Rule #3.

8.    Do not watch Kuwaiti football. Do not watch Kuwaiti football league as it is extremely weak and very boring.

9.    Join one of those health clubs or spas. Well, if you can afford them, of course. They are nice and you will enjoy your time there, but they are ridiculously expensive.

10.    Movies: forget about cinema in Kuwait. The Kuwait Cinema Company is months behind its counterparts in the west and even those in the region. Get smuggled DVDs from one of those places in Hawally or Salmiya. Sorry, IPR guys!

11.    Starbucks: Make peace with Starbucks, you have to like it, they are everywhere, and chances are you will end up in one of them, so accept the fact that Starbucks is a part of your life.

12.    Find best properties :) this whole purpose of Hilite Homes ..call our agents today finding good house and neighbour will make life much better