It is not really usual for a Kuwaiti to keep a pet as they have long been considered to be unclean, although attitudes have altered recently. If you are taking your pet you need to ensure your accommodation is adequate for them to remain indoors for most of the time and it is essential to have the pet micro chipped.

There are some places where you cannot walk dogs as some people are hostile. There are no facilities for boarding pets if you need to go away at any time and you will need to take this into consideration.

There are no real restrictions regarding quarantine in Kuwait although to bring your pet into the country you will need an import permit from the animal health ministry. These documents are valid for one month, but can be extended on request. All your pet documentation should be in place at least one month before you travel. You will need to have copies of vaccination records, which show all vaccinations were up to date one month before the planned date of travel but not older than one year. This should also be accompanied by a photocopy of the passport of the person bringing the animal into the country. All travel details will need to be provided and the animal should have a certificate of good health from an authorised vet in your home country. The person who is collecting you on arrival will need to have this documentation and present it with your visa details.

 Some airlines will only import pets at certain times of year due to the high temperatures, so travelling in summer is not advisable if you want to take your pet with you. There is no restriction on the type of pet though all pets should have an up to date rabies vaccination and it is essential that you keep the paperwork up to date.

Finding a veterinary surgeon should be fairly easy and if you have difficulty your local embassy should be able to provide you with a list. Most vets will have trained at universities in the UK and the United States, so they will be English speaking and you should have no trouble obtaining the necessary treatment for your pet. Pet supplies are also available in supermarkets, although they may not have the brand that you would have bought at home. It is possible to order in some items although this would prove to be expensive.