Kuwait is a country full of wealth generated from the limited petroleum-based economy and a leading position in the GCC countries financial sector. Such combined industries have led Kuwait's dinar to become the world's top valued currency.

1. Their currency is the most expensive in the entire world. Enough said.
Most people tend to think of the Euro, the Pound and American dollars as the top currencies in the world. However, that's not true. In fact, the top three currencies are all from the GCC.

2. Their population is only about 4 million
Their small population means that their capita per person equates to being very high. Hence, pushing them to be the second richest country in the GCC and fifth in the world.

3. The cars are outrageous
It’s like one huge competition of whose car accelerates the fastest. If you don't have a luxury car here, you're at least always admiring one.

4. They have a pond full of gold
They have enough petrol to account for over half of Kuwait's GDP, 94% of its export revenues and 90% of the government income.

5. Having everything done for you is not uncommon
When having home help, gardeners, drivers and car cleaners is the norm, that's when you know there are ultra rich people.