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Large 3 bedroom full floor apartment for rent in Shaab Al Bahri for KD 1250.
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Following is a list of services we offer for LANDLORDS: Call us to RENT your properties +96569963523




Leasing/Tenant Placement Service

  • Listing your property on
  • Placement of advertising in the appropriate publications.
  • Receiving rental calls and showing your property to prospective tenants.
  • Executing lease agreement and other required documents.
  • Collecting first month's rent and security deposits.

Management Service

  • Collection of monthly rents.
  • Inclusive monthly accounting reports detailing income and expenses related to your property.
  • Payment of owner’s bills including utilities, maintenance, and anything else as directed.
  • Providing owner with fully itemized monthly invoices and statements.
  • Handling proper documentation of security deposit return or withholding.
  • Paying to owner or depositing to owner's account amounts received in excess of required disbursements.

Property Management Services:

  • Handling requests for repairs and maintenance.
  • Coordinating and making payment for required repairs or maintenance work.
  • Periodic inspections of the property during lease in order to ensure proper maintenance.
  • Arranging tenant relations, notices and evictions when necessary.
  • In person service to tenants of all necessary notices.
  • Prompt coordination of a court action to evict tenant in the event that rent is not paid.
  • A final inspection and closing statement, upon tenants vacating the property


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